Hello Louis,

On Tuesday 19 October 2010, 01:36, Louis Suárez-Potts wrote:
> I just learned of this site on the ES project and would respectfully ask
> the lead of the project—Alexandro—to remove it, as it would seem to only
> instil confusion in the community, and to me is a transgressive use—a
> misuse—of OpenOffice.org resources.
> http://es.openoffice.org/comunidad/listas.html

me and other members of the Spanish-speaking community have been asking him to 
remove this page, and put the link to the project lists

And this since the 4th October without any kind of answer from his side, see 

Notice that the original message on  
http://es.openoffice.org/comunidad/listas.html said 

"Estamos trabajando en migrar a las nuevas listas de OpenOffice.org a 
DocumentFoundation y LibreOffice. Favor de registrarte aqu en:"

last time I checked this, on Sunday. 
Now the message has changed to

"Estamos trabajando en migrar a las nuevas listas de OOoES. Favor de 
registrarte aqu en:"

but anyway this is not like 
and it seems he is still trying to collect OOo user's mails using OOo 
resources to migrate them when there is an ES LO mailing list, as said in his 
original message:

"facilitar la migracion a DocumentFoundation asociandote a nuestra
newsletter para poder mantener tu correo y contactarte con el nuevo correo
que posiblemente haya en DocumentFoundation en Espanol."

Besides this, I find very un-ethical that 

* while he unilaterally  took the decision to put the message on  

* he is still being Co-Lead of http://es.openoffice.org
Co-Lead of http://education.openoffice.org
Project Lead of http://certification.openoffice.org/

* he is evidently promoting LO/TDF, see
and his obvious invitation orignally on  
http://es.openoffice.org/comunidad/listas.html (not the one you can read today)

I find very un-ethical that he sees no COI at all, and still tries to travel 
using OOo reources 
But this discussion is for another thread...

Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

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