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On Tuesday 19 October 2010, 13:37, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> We are moving to our own mailing list, so for that, we are compiling a
> database of the members of the list, *we are still subscribing them to the
> list*. However through a database 'proxy' where we could retrieve the
> 'community' of contributors. We have held several meetings on the matter
> and agree the message was a bit missleading. 


"Estamos trabajando en migrar a las nuevas listas de OpenOffice.org a 
 DocumentFoundation y LibreOffice. Favor de registrarte aqu[í] en:"

the message is very clear: 
you are working to migrate the OpenOffice.org ES mailing list to the new 
Document Foundation and LibreOffice mailing lists

Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

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