On 2016-10-12 15:30 (+0300), Emilian Bold <emilian.b...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> As I mentioned before I don't see this an improvement of the status-quo,
> technically. 
I would agree with Emilian, that the current structure proved to work and it 
works reliable.
If the main advantage of split is "size", then we need to see new numbers when 
history is moved as well. 

Btw, sometimes Java introduces the new feature, then C++ introduces the same 
functionality, so we agree to make refactorings by generalizing common parts 
and moving them into platform/nb layer, while keeping 
Java-specific/C++-specific code in corresponding places. History is easier 
manageable when it happens in one repo.

As another example: we implemented Terminal in C++, then 'contributed' into 
Full IDE by simple re-regestring module in nbbuild/cluster.properties. One repo 
fits better, than moving modules between different ones


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