On 12.10.2016 18:23, Eric Barboni wrote:
With the split in cluster it may possible to get rid of the "team" repositories (i.e. "core-main","cnd-main","jet-main") but we may need another repository ( kind of current "main-silver" or "main-golden") to prevent a bad commit leading to compile error in one cluster to be propagated to the full NetBeans break the build for others who did not need this particular cluster
What if we leave one repository as it is now and move 'teams' into git branches (core-main/cnd-main/...).
Teams will work on branches.
Then like now [1] the current push-cnd-main job can be replaced by automatic 'push cnd-main into main-silver branch', while push-to-cnd-main job will be automatic 'push main-silver into cnd-main'. Branch main-silver is built and tested as now and on success main-silver is pushed into main-golden for the production build.

[1] http://wiki.netbeans.org/HgParallelProjectIntegration

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