My guess is that until Oracle donates everything they will still need to use 
the previous infra and do builds from the Mercurial repo.

Creating a new URL in the interim and adding a redirect is a good idea, but I 
somehow doubt Oracle infra will operate this. It's a small nuisance we'll have 
to live with for a while.


-------- Original Message --------
 On 2 February 2018 11:42 PM, Christian Lenz <> wrote:

>From a user in the IRC of NetBeans (Take a look at the IRC history, if you 
>want), he said that he is using the latest nightly from here: 
> As you can see, it is the current date 02.02.2018. So far so good but now, we 
> have this Jenkins Pipeline where we can download the builds: 
> Projects/job/incubator-netbeans-release/. Is the old link still up to date or 
> is it the build from the HG repo? Because he said, that he has still this 
> bug: with this build 
> but no bug with this 
> build: 
> Projects/job/incubator-netbeans-release/
> So it seems, that the old bit URL is pointing to the hg repo, I guess? Can we 
> take them down or Redirect to the Jenkins build? It is confusing for some 
> People. The date is up to date but the build not.
> Regards
> Chris

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