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On 02/18/2018 11:19 PM, Emilian Bold wrote:
Any kind of native OS integration helps.

I wouldn't want to depend on another service (like

We have our own Jenkins instance on Apache. Can't we build the snaps ourselves?
Certainly we can. As of Daniel: If they wish to use their own CI system then the steps are a bit different. In this case they need to login with a launchpad account at and register the netbeans name there. Again they will be prompted to file a claim on the name because it’s reserved, which can be answered the same way as above. Once they’ve registered the snap they will need to configure their CI system to build a .snap file and upload to the store on their own schedules. This method allows much more control, but comes at the expense of requiring more configuration. I don’t know the relevant details to configure a CI system to allow uploading to the store, but I believe you need to save an authorization token and use snapcraft CLI to upload.

I think the only requirements would be a recent Ubuntu LTS and snapcraft installed to build the snap.

We also have GitHub builds via Travis with dedicated Apache machines. Is it 
also impossible to build these snaps with Travis?
Could work as well, though the configuration of Travis might be tricky due to the authtoken and thr sna

At first, just having the scripts in place for these builds would be great 
(your PR kinda does this already).

Then we have to see if this is a convenience binary we want to provide in the 
future. If we commit on it, we have to maintain it. If it's just an experiment 
we could have an alpha binary or something available.

It would be nice to comment what you are doing there. As somebody that never 
used snap, it's unclear to me what these lines do:
Well these lines replace the default cache and userdir in netbeans launcher script in order to use Snap managed directories, so if you remove netbeans as snap these dirs would be removed as well, so we won't leave garbage behind. (Though I'm not entirely sure that this would be the recommended behavior.) Anyway I'm going to add the comments to the PR.

       sed -i 's/${HOME}\/.netbeans/${SNAP_USER_COMMON}\/data/' 
      sed -i 's/${HOME}\/.cache\/netbeans/${SNAP_USER_COMMON}\/cache/' 

One of them seems to configure some caching? Is this NetBeans-level caching or 
something snap specific?


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  On 19 February 2018 9:07 AM, Laszlo Kishalmi <> 

Well, at first, I'd utilize the build service, so if we
need someone who can register a github hook on the repository on They are building the master branch (AFAIK), so the
PR to the issue NETBEANS-341
needs to be merged there. Also the apache/netbeans member who does the
binding might need to proof that he/she act on behalf of the NetBeans
project as the name netbeans is reserved on

Well, let's try to do it step by step

On 02/18/2018 10:53 PM, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
Sure, make it happen! What kind of support or insights do you need for this?
On Monday, February 19, 2018, Laszlo Kishalmi
Dear all, Geertjan,
I'm about to have NetBeans available as a Linux Distro agnostic Snap
I've tried to collect some information what and how it needs to be done.
I've got some info back
from the Snap team what shall/could we do in order to make it happen.
I thought to bring up this stuff here as well for further discussion, on
how, when would we move forward with this if we are interested at all.
Thank you in advance!
Laszlo Kishalmi

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