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> You can see the history and all here without signing up:
> https://netbeans.slackarchive.io

Thanks!  Hadn't realised that was there - in which case that might actually
be a better link off from the website considering it also offers a link to
sign up?

> I think if one uses Slack for any period of time they will find it the best
> chat experience even over HipChat (and others), but definitely over Gitter.
> I am definitely biased having used many of them and finding Slack just does
> it right; IMO of course.

Oh, I generally hate all of them - I'm no longer one of the cool kids - I
like my email! ;-)  Still, it was the (perceived) lack of publicly readable
and archived content that bothered me mostly.  My personal preference for
Gitter stems from that (and the embedding potential / move to open-source)

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