Great work!

The only important and required change needed AFAICT concerns the
download page [1].
There is a dedicated page with the ASF requirements for that at [2].
What needs to be added is, besides links to the distributions itself,
also links to the KEYS, sigs, hashes files, and a reminder for users to
check sums and signatures.
Just follow the instructions at [2] to get [1] aligned, and I think this
looks good to 'go live'!



On 2018-02-23 08:19, Antonio wrote:
Hi all,

Wade, Tim, Neil, Jirka, Geertjan and I have been doing some experiments regarding the NetBeans website.

As you probably know, the current NetBeans website comprises many different webs: we have "" for APIs, "" for main content, "" for the Plugin Portal, "" for the wiki, and there're a few more subdomains.

The current "" website is quite big. As you already know, Wade consolidated it in github's "apache/incubator-netbeans-website-cleanup" [1] repo, and added a Gradle build system that uses JBake to generate static content, where content is markdown/asciidoc/html with some additional files.

As the migration is going to take time, and will require Oracle reviewing IP clearance for the content, we thought we could start a simpler "" website that uses the same Wade's scripts. We then could add content gradually, as Oracle passes the IP clearance procedures.

So we came out with a basic "multisite-test" _branch_ at Github's "incubator-netbeans-website" [2].

The idea of this branch is to be able to consolidate different NetBeans subdomains as different directories (currently "" and ""), and create scripts for generating _static_ content for those different websites. Currently we have:

     Currently builds the javadoc from sources.

     - Has some basic content from current Confluence pages.
    - As posted to the list in december we chose the Foundation 6 framework as a, well, foundation, and Neil modified it with some proper SCSS structure [3] to fit our needs.     - We've also added the wiki pages. We may set up a different repo for these in the future, though.     - We've uploaded the result of this static site to for you to see live (note: the "see this page in github" won't work until/if this branch merges to master).

So to summarize, the objectives are:

1. Have all NetBeans websites in a single repo, with different folders for each. Maybe we want to share stuff among them in the future.
2. Have some scripts to build static content for those websites.
3. For web sites, make them comply with Apache's guidelines for web sites [4]

If you think the idea is good enough then we may merge that branch into master and start migrating content, and/or creating different subdirectories for other websites (such as the plugin portal, for instance).

So, please, say yes or no to keep this path of work. Some other ideas would also we welcome.

Kind regards,



We've used asciidoc, but Wade's script supports markdown and html as well. An example asciidoc file, as rendered by github, can be seen here:

Neil's impressive SCSS organization is here:

(note: some low quality scss stuff in there is my fault, not Neil's)


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