I've been thinking of posting some bounties for the NetBeans annoyances I 
encounter. Something like $25 / issue. So, more like a cash tip than a big 

Seems like a good idea to me, but perhaps I'm missing something? Any reason 
*not* to try this out?

I wonder what service to use for these bounties? I previously heard of 
bountysource.com but it seems rather deserted and now they are owned by some 
company also selling crypto tokens or such. Any other choices?

It would be cool if some contributors would forfeit the bounty and redirect it 
towards some other NetBeans issue. Then we have some multiplier going on. I 
wonder how to encourage this?

On Twitter the #bounty hashtag is almost entirely used by crypto "offerings". I 
guess I'd better be using #recompense or #reward or something else...


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