Hello NiFi Dev Community,

This commit hash (part of the NiFi 1.5.0 release) created serious performance 
issues for HBase Put operations: "116c8463428c1fb51bfb7a8adfcf23c32fded964".

The override of the “toTransitUri” method makes a call to 
“connection.getAdmin().getClusterStatus().getMaster().getHostAndPort()” upon 
every flow file transfer, which essentially doubles the traffic through the 
HBase connector.  The performance of our PutHBaseJSON processor dropped to 1/3 
after deploying NiFi 1.5.0.

Please let us know a timeline for a fix.  We are building and testing our own 
tar ball in the interim to fix the issue and are happy to contribute our code 
back to the project if you would like.

All the best and thank you.

Adam Martini
Senior Developer, Nike Digital

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