thanks for reporting and if you can do a contrib that would be great!


On Feb 9, 2018 6:56 PM, "Martini, Adam" <> wrote:

> Hello NiFi Dev Community,
> This commit hash (part of the NiFi 1.5.0 release) created serious
> performance issues for HBase Put operations: "
> 116c8463428c1fb51bfb7a8adfcf23c32fded964".
> The override of the “toTransitUri” method makes a call to
> “connection.getAdmin().getClusterStatus().getMaster().getHostAndPort()”
> upon every flow file transfer, which essentially doubles the traffic
> through the HBase connector.  The performance of our PutHBaseJSON processor
> dropped to 1/3 after deploying NiFi 1.5.0.
> Please let us know a timeline for a fix.  We are building and testing our
> own tar ball in the interim to fix the issue and are happy to contribute
> our code back to the project if you would like.
> All the best and thank you.
> Adam Martini
> Senior Developer, Nike Digital

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