NiFi Community,

I'd like to initiate a discussion around creating a sub-project of NiFi to
encompass the Fluid Design System NgModule created during the development
of the NiFi Registry. A possible name for this sub-project is simply
"NiFi Fluid
Design System". The idea would be to create a sub-project that distributes
an atomic set of high quality, reuse-able, theme-able, and testable UI/UX
components, fonts, and other JS modules for use across the various web
applications throughout the NiFi universe (uNiFiverse???). Both NiFi and
NiFi Registry web applications would eventually leverage this module via
npm. This approach will enable us to provide our users with a consistent
experience across web applications. Creating a sub-project would also allow
the FDS code to evolve independently of NiFi/NiFi registry and be released
on it's own timeline. In addition, it would make tracking issues/work much
clearer through a separate JIRA.

Please discuss and provide and thoughts or feedback.



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