Ok so extract out the fluid design work you started with NiFi Registry
to its own codebase which can be rev'd and published to NPM making it
easier to consume/reuse across NiFi projects and offers better
consistency.  This sounds interesting.

In thinking through the additional community effort or the effort trade-off:
How often do you anticipate we'd be doing releases (and thus
validation/voting) for this?
How often would those differ from when we'd want to do a NiFi or NiFi
Registry release?
How do you envision the community would be able to help vet/validate
releases of these modules?


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 8:18 AM, Scott Aslan <> wrote:
> NiFi Community,
> I'd like to initiate a discussion around creating a sub-project of NiFi to
> encompass the Fluid Design System NgModule created during the development
> of the NiFi Registry. A possible name for this sub-project is simply
> "NiFi Fluid
> Design System". The idea would be to create a sub-project that distributes
> an atomic set of high quality, reuse-able, theme-able, and testable UI/UX
> components, fonts, and other JS modules for use across the various web
> applications throughout the NiFi universe (uNiFiverse???). Both NiFi and
> NiFi Registry web applications would eventually leverage this module via
> npm. This approach will enable us to provide our users with a consistent
> experience across web applications. Creating a sub-project would also allow
> the FDS code to evolve independently of NiFi/NiFi registry and be released
> on it's own timeline. In addition, it would make tracking issues/work much
> clearer through a separate JIRA.
> Please discuss and provide and thoughts or feedback.
> Thanks,
> Scotty

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