I’m happy to contribute and review code for this distro. I think it’s a great 
idea, and hopefully will be bolstered by the Registry effort where we can make 
pre-selected NAR groups for different focuses (cybersecurity, IIoT, ML, etc.).

Andy LoPresto
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> On Mar 6, 2018, at 12:07 AM, Andre <> wrote:
> Folks,
> I have been privately working on a number of "processors" focused on
> orchestration of cyber security related activities (eg update firewall
> rules with data provided via an HTTP endpoint) etc.
> While some of these tasks can be easily solved with generic NiFi components
> or with little (or no custom processors at all) truth is that most security
> practitioners just don't get it.
> Result is that unless you show up with a processor called UpdateCiscoAcl
> (random example), people's brains just melt.
> I have been considering spinning up a separate project, based on a cut down
> version of NiFi, that will employ the base framework towards this specific
> use case by publishing specific processors that generally do not appeal to
> the rest of the crowd.
> My base rationale is the following:
> - Reduce the need to add processors to the master tree and require people
> to review processors that are of very limited use outside specific contexts.
> - Improve overall user experience for this particular use case
> - Reduce impact to the NiFi brand by the release of code that errr, may not
> be up to the standards of my fellow committers ;-)
> Given my position as a PMC member and profound respect to all of you, I
> would like to reach out to the rest of the team for you overall thoughts
> about this?
> Looking forward to hearing from you.

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