The NuttX project is still misusing the tools.
It is not the PR. It is the process (or lack of one)

To solve this problem:

Build the PR on top of master BEFORE merging.
Do not MERGE until PR on master builds.


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> The point I'd like to make, is that I'd much rather the whole world stop
> turning, nothing get merged into master until we sort out the process;
> rather than allow anything to break master.  I'd like for us to adopt a
> philosophy that "Nothing is worse than breaking Master."  Now, that's just
> me, I welcome counterarguments (and even flames).

Nothing in the process is particularly different at present than in the
past.  Several unverified PRs came in close together in time.  Since
each broke the build and were separated over time, the build remained
broken for a couple weeks or more.

There is nothing significantly different in the process from when when
patches were added in the same manner.  Users are simply not acting
responsibly right now and are not verifying the changes before
committing them (it appears, in cases, that they are not even compiling
them!).  That behavior has to stop.

We were just luckier in the past and I think people were more careful
when they had to work up patches vs. just pushing a button to create a
PR.  The ease of creating PRs with one finger leads to sloppiness.


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