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HI All,

Thinking more about it, if I'm not wrong we don't clearly specify in the
site main pages which releases are supported.

I think we should clearly state that. The download page seems to fit but
maybe having a specific page for releases and releases notes with their
support status would clarify further.
This page could be linked from the download page. And more if needed, maybe
a link in footer?

The supported releases are mentioned in the download page; in it there is
also a link to the archive [*] that (at the bottom) has a full list of
releases with links to release notes (when available).


[*] https://archive.apache.org/dist/ofbiz/
Thanks Jacopo,

That's great, but the sentence for support is:
"Despite our best efforts to maintain up to three active release branches, 
support for
 older branches can decrease because our project volunteers may be focused on 
issues. We recommend using releases from the most recent branch wherever 

When actually we no longer support old branches at all for releases series 
marked at (closed) at https://www.apache.org/dist/ofbiz/, right ?

Should we not make that clear in the donwload page with the links Deepak suggests to add for releases notes like http://ofbiz.apache.org/release-notes-13.07.01.html ?


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