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>> HI All,
>>> Thinking more about it, if I'm not wrong we don't clearly specify in the
>>> site main pages which releases are supported.
>>> I think we should clearly state that. The download page seems to fit but
>>> maybe having a specific page for releases and releases notes with their
>>> support status would clarify further.
>> This page could be linked from the download page. And more if needed,
>> maybe
>>> a link in footer?
>> The supported releases are mentioned in the download page; in it there is
>> also a link to the archive [*] that (at the bottom) has a full list of
>> releases with links to release notes (when available).
>> Jacopo
>> [*] https://archive.apache.org/dist/ofbiz/
> Thanks Jacopo,
> That's great, but the sentence for support is:
> "Despite our best efforts to maintain up to three active release branches,
> support for
>  older branches can decrease because our project volunteers may be focused
> on other
> issues. We recommend using releases from the most recent branch wherever
> possible."

There is also:

"Earlier Releases
Older superseded releases of Apache OFBiz can be found in the Apache OFBiz
archive [link]
NOTE: To avoid any security vulnerabilities the Apache OFBiz community
highly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest stable release.
A descriptions of each release in the history of OFBiz can be found here


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