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> Hi Devs,
> There are mixed opinions about putting or not the ASL2 header in OFBiz
> README files.
> One one hand we can read at http://www.apache.org/legal/sr
> c-headers.html#faq-exceptions that README files don't require a header
> But to protect our work we can decide to put a header in all README files
> (with or w/o suffixes). It's all or none to be consistent.
> Since License is an important matter I think a vote is necessary to define
> our policy.
> So please vote
> [+1] include a header in all README files
> [-1] do not include a header in any README files
> [0] Undecided
> I will close this vote in a week, thanks for your time !
> Jacques
In my opinion this vote is not valid and should be cancelled.
My reasoning is the following: the result of this vote may be against the
ASF license policy and as a project we are not allowed to change the ASF
license policy by vote. In fact our codebase is licensed by the ASF and not
by OFBiz.

Why am I saying that the result of this vote may be against the ASF license

If we decide to "not include a header in any README files" then we will
violate the following [*]:

"A file without any degree of creativity in either its literal elements or
its structure is not protected by copyright law; therefore, such a file
does not require a license header. If in doubt about the extent of the
file's creativity, add the license header to the file."

In fact it would be difficult to state that the following file (for
example) does't contain "any degree of creativity":


In fact it contains useful documentation that was contributed by different
people who spent time crafting its content.

When in doubt, we should add the license header (as stated in the document
that Jacques and I referenced); or we can omit it if we judge that the file
doesn't contain any degree of creativity.
But definitely we can't blindly decide by vote for all the files matching a
name (i.e. README) as proposed by Jacques in this vote.
Since deciding on a case by case may be tricky and even subjective, my
*personal* preference would be to add to all the files the license header.

Kind regards,


[*] http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html#faq-exceptions

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