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Le 17/10/2016 à 18:30, Arun Patidar a écrit :
Hi Jacques,

Thanks for looking into this and help. I agree with your concern that it is
hard to review many subtickets.

Actually I don't review patches when they are so many and *especially* dispatched with so *many subtasks.* It would be quite a waste of time (Jira is not always responding quickly if you see what I mean, and yes this is an euphemism ;))
I wait they are committed and then review commits.

Also it would be more easy to apply/review
patch from one relevant ticket. For the same reason I started commiting
multiple patches from different ticket in one commit.

That does not change much for the reviews. It's just slightly easier, because 
you have not to open several commits emails. I still appreciate :)

The reason behind the current approach with OFBIZ-7828 is that, on
community day multiple people can work on different part of a same ticket.
Devs working on subtickets are responsible for development, self review and
testing. Small chunks facilitate devs to follow this procedure for each
entity. So we can say, all services added till now completely tested from
webtools by devs.

OK, I can understand that, and I also remember myself for advocating on doing so. It was though when things are complicated. But then anyway I'll simply not help but will continue to review

So its easy to do distributed efforts on this long on going ticket by
sub-tickets. And for reviewing purpose I started committing multiple
tickets in single commit. I'll continue on picking multiple tickets and do
single commit.

Sounds good to me, thanks for your answer


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