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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:14 PM, Jacques Le Roux <> wrote:

> Hi Arun,
> Inline...
> Le 17/10/2016 à 18:30, Arun Patidar a écrit :
>> Hi Jacques,
>> Thanks for looking into this and help. I agree with your concern that it
>> is
>> hard to review many subtickets.
> Actually I don't review patches when they are so many and *especially*
> dispatched with so *many subtasks.* It would be quite a waste of time (Jira
> is not always responding quickly if you see what I mean, and yes this is an
> euphemism ;))
> I wait they are committed and then review commits.
> Also it would be more easy to apply/review
>> patch from one relevant ticket. For the same reason I started commiting
>> multiple patches from different ticket in one commit.
> That does not change much for the reviews. It's just slightly easier,
> because you have not to open several commits emails. I still appreciate :)
> The reason behind the current approach with OFBIZ-7828 is that, on
>> community day multiple people can work on different part of a same ticket.
>> Devs working on subtickets are responsible for development, self review
>> and
>> testing. Small chunks facilitate devs to follow this procedure for each
>> entity. So we can say, all services added till now completely tested from
>> webtools by devs.
> OK, I can understand that, and I also remember myself for advocating on
> doing so. It was though when things are complicated.  But then anyway I'll
> simply not help but will continue to review
> So its easy to do distributed efforts on this long on going ticket by
>> sub-tickets. And for reviewing purpose I started committing multiple
>> tickets in single commit. I'll continue on picking multiple tickets and do
>> single commit.
> Sounds good to me, thanks for your answer
> Jacques

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