I've exchanged ideas with Romain how we can push OpenJPA-3.0.0.

To finish implementing all JPA-2.1 features will cost us some time.
But it would be quite easy to ship milestone releases with a well specified set 
of features (and ongoing bugfixes).


# openjpa-3.0.0-m1
 * API and lib upgrade (done)
 * bugfixes (quite a few done)
 * improved OSGi support (done)

 * stored procedure support (done)
 * SynchronizationType suport (wip)

# openjpa-3.0.0-m2
 * you name it

Timeframe would be about 2 months for each milestone.
I would like to start with m1 after the SynchronizationType support is done 
(hope to do it in the next 2 weeks)



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