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     Or maybe a disclaimer in the voting thread email?

  Andrew's comments show clearly that these editors do not care
to be
careful or factual, or even read those disclaimers,

We can be successful only if we manage to block their downloads.


  link to our binaries hosted on SourceForge (which is fine). Just

thinking loud, but if it was possible (on the Sourceforge side) to
all download requests that do not come from the openoffice.orgor

  the domains, then the project would effectively be in

control. The embargo could be lifted just after the release.

  For me this sounds like a great idea.

Maybe we should start with denying all download requests that some


  these bad websites.

Can you tell us if this possible? If yes, is it much effort for

  Do you see a chance to get this implemented? I think it could
help to
stop some bad websites to do bad things with our software.

Maybe you haven't seen this up to now.

  Thanks for heads up Marcus, sorry for not having noticed this

  It would be great if you can tell us if it's possible to exclude
domains / IP addresses from downloading our software?

  I need the domain list and I'll check out with our SiteOps if
doable. Feel free to send me a list with a direct message.


This would be the domains from this thread that could be blocked from
downloading from Sourceforge. Obviously needs to be extended in the


  Remember, the next will happen with the AOO 4.1.0 RC. ;-)

*Of course*, this is just for the time frame as long as the new


  not officially announced. As soon as the release is public, the block


  be removed.

I think this could help to limit the downloadability like we want to
until the official release. What you think?

  I don't know.  Won't this just cause confusion?  They point to the
files, go to test them, see the links don't work, and then get weird
errors and spend an hour trying to debug it.  We don't want to
needlessly annoy them, since their only fault is enthusiasm.   Is
there a way we can give a useful error message in this case like,
"This version of Apache OpenOffice has not yet been officially
released.  Links to these files are disallowed until the release is
officially approved"  or something like that?

  To be honest, I don't care about a few days were a special set of
were not able to access for a few days. For me they are a bit too
enthusiastic. And as you said in a previous post it's to protect us as
as possible.

   +1 This seems sufficient to me.

Do you see a technical way to return a predefined error message when the
release builds are already on Sourceforge but not yet officially released
and published?

Our SiteOps team looked into this, here our findings:

Great :-)

  One provider ( serves via Akamai CDN, one provider (
serves via their own FTP server, and lists SourceForge as
external mirror and passes traffic through our download redirector flow
(not direct to a mirror).

The first two cases are things we can't control.

In the third case, we can indeed redirect this traffic by referrer to a
different landing page if one is provided. Maybe we want to have a page explaining that's a release-candidate and it's served
only for testing purposes and its use on a daily basis it is not

How does that sound?

I'm pretty sure that these kind of downloaders do not care about
disclaimers - less then ever when located somewhere else. ;-)

So, either we disable the entire download for the specific timeframe or at
least a text as substitute (like "This release is not yet public. Please
stay tuned and come back when it is announced."). But this text has then to
be on Sourceforge in the same location.

Yes, that's doable in the way Kay described. And yes, we would add the text
and disable downloads.

Just to be sure, is this limited to a special subdir like ".../files/milestones/"? Or also, additionally for ".../files/"?

I'm wondering if the "staging" bit can help as best solution. I would
expect that the new location is not public *and* not known *and* not
useable/functional for the normal non-admin user *until* we remove the bit.
Am I right?

In past we extended the 'staging' period of time for weeks, this could be
done again if necessary and it's definitely a more effective way to share

Good to know. I thought you had extended the timeframe permanentelly. ;-)

files only with a selected audience (admins). Would that work, or you want
to be able to share those files with a larger audience?

I don't think it's relevant to a wider audience.

We still speak about the timeframe between starting uploading to Sourceforge and the official announcement. Within this timeframe it should be possible for admins to test the download webpage with scripting - to see if it will work - but there must not be no way to download the builds from the public.

So, I would prefer to go with the "staging"-bit as:
- it is already available
- there is no confusion for the public
- it's easy to delete the bit to make the release public
- and (please don't get me wrong ;-) ) we can do it alone without the help of you or someone else of Sourceforge.

What do others think about this?



    Then we can exclude requester that we don't want (e.g., malware


Also in time frames with Beta or RC releases it can help us to steer


  is able and when it is possible to download OpenOffice like we want to

until the real release date is reached.



     Sure, sites could still copy all binaries being voted upon and

  them locally, but this would require a more significant effort. on

  And more HDD space and more own bandwith - which is also not




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