Isn't having the mirror on GitHub an effective way to push changes to the SVN, 
especially for Apache committers who have project rights to the GitHub repo?  
Non-committer pull requests are as complicated either way, it seems to me, and 
the GitHub mirror might be superior for that.

I assume the proposal is do-able, but I wonder what kind of disruption cost 
there is for current work.

 - Dennis

Below, I have no opinion, just wonder if these are also relevant considerations?

PS: Our current SVN repo is also used for source control of, So 
I assume it is not a total give-up.  Also, we have SVN tags and branches that 
might be problematic, I think.

PPS: The AOO repo is also a bit larger than what Linus apparently thinks is 
cool.  This gets back to how could the AOO repo be refactored in order to 
modularize the software and simplify (re-)building and staged evolution of 

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We have now for a while had a readonly Git copy of our svn repo.

Should we move to a full git repo, making it easier for new developers to
participate (although it is in no way a guarantee, that it will attract new
people) by lowering the barrier.

For more documentation on Git at Apache see

Moving to a full git repo (see, would mean giving
up our current SVN repo, but history etc. will be available in Git instead.

The choice is there, and it is just a matter of how people want to work.

thoughts ?

jan I.

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