I see that <div class="ap-dw-main">  is listed twice with two different 
ap-button-(numbers). If I remove the first listing entirely the second 
continues to work on my firefox browser. Removepath;html body div#content 
div.right center div.ap-dw-container.ap-dark div.ap-dw-main 
  Code:div class="ap-dw-main"><h3 class="ap-dw-main-heading">Donate</h3><div 
class="ap-dw-content-container ap-dw-cf"><span class="ap-dw-error"></span><div 
id="ap-button-795162511" class="ap-dw-button"><img 
id="OffAmazonPaymentsWidgets0" style="cursor:pointer;" 
which leaves the second donation working and displayed larger:
<h3 class="ap-dw-main-heading">Donate</h3><div class="ap-dw-content-container 
ap-dw-cf"><span class="ap-dw-error"></span><div id="ap-button-84292232" 
class="ap-dw-button"><img id="OffAmazonPaymentsWidgets0" 

I tried to figure out the line number using a validator online - this should be 
around line 303. I hope this helps!Nancy
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     From: Marcus <marcus.m...@wtnet.de>
 To: "dev@" <dev@openoffice.apache.org> 
Cc: Phil Steitz <phil.ste...@gmail.com> 
 Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2015 8:23 AM
 Subject: Re: [site] Donate via Amazon - update required
Am 06/27/2015 12:27 AM, schrieb Phil Steitz:
> On 6/26/15 3:00 PM, Marcus wrote:
>> Thanks for your hint.
>> I've tried to update this on our webpage. However, it seems that
>> the ASP webpage uses some more code (CSS and/or JS) that is not
>> included in our page [1].
>> If you have a fast idea how to get this fixed, it would be greatly
>> appreciated. Othwerwise I will simple delete the Amazon part - or
>> the complete webpage, let's see. ;-)
> Make sure to include this script reference at the top of the block:
> <script async 
> src="https://static-na.payments-amazon.com/OffAmazonPayments/us/js/Widgets.js<view-source:https://static-na.payments-amazon.com/OffAmazonPayments/us/js/Widgets.js>"></script>
> If you just copy the lines starting there and ending with
> data-ap-payment-action="AuthorizeAndCapture"
>    >
> </div>
> from the source in [1] it should work.

OK, it's working now but the UI part is shown double. Only the bottom 
one (the smaller one) is working. Any idea?

[1] http://ooo-site.staging.apache.org/donations.html



>> Am 06/25/2015 08:38 PM, schrieb Phil Steitz:
>>> Hello AOO ppl,
>>> Amazon has phased out the old "Amazon Simple Pay" that we used
>>> initially to enable donations to the ASF via Amazon.  The html
>>> snippet included on the AOO donate page [1] needs to be updated to
>>> match what is on the main ASF donations page [2].  It looks like the
>>> site is generated by the CMS.  I can try to update it if you all
>>> don't mind that (and the CMS lets me do it); or someone else can do
>>> it.  The new widget takes a little more space and is a little
>>> goofy-looking, so it would probably be best for someone with more UI
>>> skills than me to at least verify it.
>>> The donations using the old code will start failing soon so we need
>>> to get on this fairly quickly (as in the next couple of weeks).
>>> Sorry I did not give heads up sooner.  I did not realize that you
>>> were maintaining a separate donations page.
>>> Phil
>>> [1] http://www.openoffice.org/donations.html
>>> [2] http://www.apache.org/foundation/contributing.html

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