Am 06/28/2015 08:47 PM, schrieb Phil Steitz:
On 6/28/15 8:23 AM, Marcus wrote:
Am 06/27/2015 12:27 AM, schrieb Phil Steitz:
On 6/26/15 3:00 PM, Marcus wrote:
Thanks for your hint.

I've tried to update this on our webpage. However, it seems that
the ASP webpage uses some more code (CSS and/or JS) that is not
included in our page [1].

If you have a fast idea how to get this fixed, it would be greatly
appreciated. Othwerwise I will simple delete the Amazon part - or
the complete webpage, let's see. ;-)

Make sure to include this script reference at the top of the block:

<script async

If you just copy the lines starting there and ending with

from the source in [1] it should work.

OK, it's working now but the UI part is shown double. Only the
bottom one (the smaller one) is working. Any idea?


I am no html or javascript expert, but it looks like you have
duplicated the code when I view source on the staged site.  The
first div section after the script reference looks like what is on
the main ASF donate page and works.  I am not sure what the
following div's are trying to do.  The entire code on the main ASF
donate page is just

<script async 
     data-ap-note="Thank you for your donation!"

Then it is more strange because the duplicated code is not findable in the real source. But ...

You should be able to drop that in and it should work. There is no need for 
more code to generate the widget.

.. when deleting everything but keeping what you have listed above, then it's only one grey area. A bit too big but working. And this is important.

Thanks for you help. :-)


Am 06/25/2015 08:38 PM, schrieb Phil Steitz:
Hello AOO ppl,

Amazon has phased out the old "Amazon Simple Pay" that we used
initially to enable donations to the ASF via Amazon.  The html
snippet included on the AOO donate page [1] needs to be updated to
match what is on the main ASF donations page [2].  It looks
like the
site is generated by the CMS.  I can try to update it if you all
don't mind that (and the CMS lets me do it); or someone else
can do
it.  The new widget takes a little more space and is a little
goofy-looking, so it would probably be best for someone with
more UI
skills than me to at least verify it.

The donations using the old code will start failing soon so we
to get on this fairly quickly (as in the next couple of weeks).
Sorry I did not give heads up sooner.  I did not realize that you
were maintaining a separate donations page.



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