Thanks Tony, this reminds me of some questions that would help us understand 
what is involved.  These questions are anyone knowledgable of the current 

I see four levels of support to wikis and forums:

 1. User Account and Content Administration
    I believe this is handed.  Does anyone believe it is not?

 2. Administering the Running Service
    That is, a server administrator for the service (not necessarily the host)
    Is this done?  Do we need a replacement or an expansion here?  What are 
prerequisite qualifications for being able to do this.

 3. Administrating the Server that hosts the Service
    I assume this is where one deals with Ubuntu upgrades and such, whether the 
server is real or virtual.
    Is this provided by the project?  Do we need a replacement/expansion here 
from within the project?  Again, what are prerequisite qualifications?

 4. I assume hardware IT support is not the business of the project, and 
changing boxes is a different deal.  Yes?

I suspect this is known.  I don't know if the necessary information is anywhere 
in project materials (haven't looked). 

This is an area of ignorance for me.  I am not raising my hand.  I just want to 
ensure that the necessary requirements are understood and we know what is and 
is not adequately covered. 

 - Dennis

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From: Tony Stevenson [] 
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 12:54
Subject: Re: Maintenance of AOO Wiki and Forum

On Fri, 14 Aug 2015, at 01:31 PM, jan i wrote:
> Hi.
> The AOO Forum vm could do with an upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 and be defined
> in
> the new puppet structure. Defining it in the new puppet structure has the
> advantage that Infra can roll a new vm in case of problems, and thereby
> reducing downtime.
> The AOO Wiki vm is in strong need of a reconfiguration and update (Ubuntu
> 14.04 see above). Currently there is a ATS running on the same vm in
> front
> of the mediawiki (django) application. The ATS veersion is no longer
> supported by the traffic server project. Running it on a separate vm (or
> even as the HTPPS proxy) has a lot of merit, but it has not been done.
> As I am reducing my engagement in the project, this might be a good time
> for a new maintainer to step up. The actual maintenance is  about 1 hour
> pr
> month.

Can I take this opportunity to remind the community that if this service
fails to be maintained appropriately it will be turned off, or made
unavailable by Infra until such time it is brought up to date and

AIUI this was the agreement that we had with the project when it was
handed over to enable you to manage yourselves. 

Many thanks,


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