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> Hi, my name is Denis I just wanted to share some info with you which you
> might include in documentation.
> I found some info about  SQLite ODBC driver for OpenOffice in your wiki
> http://www.openoffice.org/dba/drivers/sqlite/index.html
> My team managed to develop a new SQLite ODBC driver which is perfectly
> working with Libre and OpenOffice. Here it is
> https://www.devart.com/odbc/sqlite/
> It is free for download.
> Could you please add a link or at least a sentence to the relevant wiki
> page
> about our SQLite ODBC driver? We improving it and releasing new versions
> every 1-2 months. I think it will be important to let OpenOffice users to
> know about this alternative SQLite ODBC driver.
> What do you say?
> Waiting for your reply...
 Hello again Denis --

Although your SQLite ODBC driver may be very good, we will not be adding a
link to your site because this is a commercial product. We do not endorse
specific commercial products, or add links from our websites to them and
leave it to our users to search these out and purchase as they feel the

Thank you for your interest in Apache OpenOffice.


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