A set of initial, raw tests was provided for review, clarification, and 
updating at the ODF Plugfest that started today in The Netherlands.

I asked permission to share this information, at the end, below, with the 
Apache OpenOffice developers list, with the following observations:

  "I am more interested in the tests than the results for other projects.
   There is also a desire to foster interoperability in our mutual support
   for ODF and having the calibration your tests provide is informative.  

  "We can capture the essence of the tests and create bug reports as
   appropriate for AOO.  We can also provide any responses or refined tests
   that may arise.  

  "It would be great were this a continuing activity and not confined to this
   week's Plugfest.  You can count on cooperation of the Apache OpenOffice 
   project [easy for orcmid to say].  I am confident other ODF-supporting 
   projects are also eager to support any initiative you take in this useful 

The response I received provided more information about the tests,

  "The tests are being developed on gitlab. The main respository is at 
   There is a branch which is created in preparation of the plugfest by 
   Ben Martin (monkeyiq) at   https://gitlab.com/monkeyiq/odfautotests
   This branch will be cleaned up and merged into the main branch after 
   the plugfest.

  "For a contuous plugfest we'd need more thought. [...]

  "Of course you have permission to pass on the message, but please note
   that the urls are temporary and the results raw. Many applications 
   did not get tested.  All input was only ODF 1.2 (some output was 1.1). 
   And some results are present due to server glitches. So some cleanup and 
   especially *interpretation* of the results is needed.

  "What you can certainly do right now is the build the tester (ant jar)
   and run it.


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These links are temporary:

Please note that the current tests are limited to styling in text documents. 
This is a large topic and the one for which we have tests at the 
moment. Some implementations might do poorly in this particular set of tests, 
but be prefectly fine in other, future, tests.

Short explanation of the reports:

Each test tests just data fidelity: is the style attribute that goes in, saved 
The tests use named styles. Sometimes a style can seem fine visually, while the 
named style has not retained the right information. That is considered a 
failed test.
Each test has the ingoing odt linked, as well as the outgoing odt files. There 
is usually also a pdf available. content.xml and styles.xml are also linked 
from each test.

[ ... ]

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