I finally managed to win a long battle against GNU make and integrate
Google Test into gbuild :-). Also updated the documentation on
https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Googletest. Currently only main/sfx2
uses it, but I plan on migrating the other gbuild+cppunit modules.
It's very platform dependent; it definitely works on Windows, Linux
and FreeBSD, but I couldn't test my changes to MacOS, Solaris, OS/2 or

In other good news (which we seem to need of late):
* Broken javadocs in a number of .java files that were causing the
build to break when using Java 8's very strict javadoc tool have all
been fixed, and AOO now builds with Java 8.
* oowintool was broken by a recent commit, and ./configure was failing
on Windows as a result. This regression was reported to its committer
and is now fixed.
* Several unit tests that were breaking the Windows build have been
fixed, and I am resolving more.


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