We all have these questions, Phil.  What we are awaiting is someone to provide 
an actionable answer.

There is nothing to do about the FUD (as is already remarked elsewhere on the 
What would ... thread).  That's a waste of energy.  What we need is energy put 
into having an AOO that serves its community.

Patricia and Marcus have already taken some steps and there is a call for 
volunteers on the download page.  

We need people to step up.  The folks we have are already spinning more plates 
than they have arms and legs.

 - Dennis

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> Subject: What would OpenOffice NON-retirement involve?
> OK, counter-point to the other thread... let's talk specifically about
> what
> needs to happen next, given that some (plenty|most|all|???) of us want
> this
> project to
> continue moving forward.
> What has to happen next?  What is the most important thing/things we
> could
> be
> working on?  What could I do *right now* to help move things in a
> positive
> direction?
> How can we attract more developers?  How do we counter the FUD that is
> already being promulgated in response to the "retirement" discussion?
>  etc...
> Phil
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