Welcome to the project, Ed.  Don't sweat the lack of C++ experience.  Not
everything is in C++, and
you can pick up the C++ knowledge as you go.  I'm in a little bit of the
same boat, as I *was* a C++
programmer - about 15 years ago.   It's been quite a while for me, so I'm
going to have to basically
relearn C++ to get into AOO development.  But hey, it'll be a fun
experience in it's own right anyway!

As to the rest of your questions, I'll defer to other more experienced
members of the project to offer
their commentary.



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On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 10:25 PM, Ed Fallin <edfal...@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hello there —
> Having read an article in Ars about your difficulties keeping a large
> group on the project, I’d like to join.  It looks like you have a C++ code
> base, whereas my experience is primarily in C#.  I have touched on and read
> upon C++ though.  My day job is a dev in a C# base, and I’m doing some of
> my own stuff in that technology of an evening, primarily web-facing with an
> emphasis on using abstraction and design to enhance feature sets with fewer
> lines of code.  I’ve been programming professionally for about 5 years, I
> follow the principles of clean code and TDD in my work.
> I’m located in California, SoCal to be specific.
> C# notwithstanding, if you’d value my joining your work, I’d like to do a
> little bit here and there at first to get solid in C++, avoiding memory
> leaks and so on (if those are still an issue — is there a GC now?), perhaps
> with let’s say "enhanced review” from a tolerant mentor.  As time goes by I
> could address bigger topics with minimal support.
> Is this reasonable?  Helpful?
> Someone please let me know!
> — Ed Fallin
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