Hi there Phillip and Patricia —

Thanks for your e-mails.  Is now the right time not to send to all?  I’m happy 
to avoid that but, I don’t want to be a lurker.

So, it’s interesting that some is C++ and some Java, and Yes I think the Java 
side will be easy to pick up, but I’ll aim to work on both.  My contributions 
may not be massive, but I will try to at least have a steadyish drip-drip-drip 
after ramp-up time.  Mixed metaphor.

I have a Mac and I have two Windows boxes, I don’t know the details but if 
people think it’s worth it, maybe I could install a Linux partition on one of 
those.  I use Visual Studio, now 2015 edition, and I’ve used Xcode with Obj-C 
and Swift a bit, but if there’s a free/ish version of another IDE you 
recommend, I can install that.

Re where I live, it’s Los Angeles, in Koreatown which is central, near downtown.

I’ll start diving into “how to get started” on the site further, but any brief 
look-here directions anyone is willing to offer will help, and if anyone is 
willing to say they’ll provide (very brief) go-here help / a little extra 
review for C++, that would be great.  I always work TDD or test-bound as I call 
it ( == test before any first use ), but I could miss things. 

Otherwise I’ll try to work solely from the join-lists direction and other 
advice on the site.

PS, Love this:  This message optimized for indexing by NSA PRISM

Proceeding slowly but surely.
— Ed Fallin

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