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> > > I will simplify the marketing issue making a bold 
> statement: "We have
> > > millions of users because we do 80% of what the market leader
> > > does but
> > > with 0% of the price."
> >
> >
> > No, the success of free software is not a question of price.
> The success of free software is based on many things, of 
> which price is 
> only one of them. 

Exactly, so I wrote my answer, because I found that you had over-emphasized the 
factor price

> The GNU copyleftists have always struggled with economics but that is 
> rather off-topic.

Please let me clarify: I'm not a specific GNU fan (rather I like the MIT 
license), but the linked text contains a nice play on words (in German 
translation), because in Deutschand the word "profit" is frowned upon. 
Therefore I quote this text frequently.

> No one has really quantified the real cost of producing 
> OpenOffice 


But for example as I have my diploma thesis written (*) on the theme:

"Migration Strategies to OpenSource-Software" 

and there are also statements about costs of open source, especially for 
OpenOffice.org (I mean .org, the diploma thesis is from 2005).

on the TH Wildau (Germany):

> Such costs existed before OpenOffice was an Apache Project, 
> and we can't 
> at all quantify how much OpenOffice's value is for the Apache 
> Software 
> Foundation.

already clear, the numbers were only an illustration


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