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> The thing about so-called "marketing gurus" is that their assumptions 
> about how the markets work may break down when we are talking about 
> software that has zero cost.
> I will simplify the marketing issue making a bold statement: "We have 
> millions of users because we do 80% of what the market leader 
> does but 
> with 0% of the price." 

No, the success of free software is not a question of price.

The development model of free software is something else, but it's not free. 
That is not the goal.


The development and use of OpenOffice is not free, because developers have to 
be paid by their companies or donate their own time. Users have cost for 
installation, maintenance and staff training.

The work of Apache is also not free, because Apache needs donations to be able 
to work.

For example see:


you can see that the sum of the sponsorship is (currently, per year):

Platinum: 700,000$
Gold: 320,000$
Silver: 260,000$
Bronze: 90,000$



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