On 18/09/2016 Marcus wrote:
Am 09/17/2016 01:00 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
Are there any tools to help put together an AOO release? If so, where
are they?

We don't have any. But I've provided a script that I've just used for a test 4.1.3 build. It will find packages in a build tree (after the build has completed), arrange them in the appropriate directories, compute the hashes and sign.

It's currently located here:

It only works on Linux-64 but it is trivial to extend it to cover Linux-32, probably Mac OS X and maybe also Windows (provided one has a Bash environment).

Maybe Andrea can help you as he has more experience, e.g., with uploads
to Sourceforge.

Uploads to SourceForge are trivial (just a rsync); but anyway they happen after the tree has already been arranged properly, so they are unrelated to arranging the tree.

Each binary needs to be signed, presumably by the person building it.
IMHO we haven't done any signing until now - at least not officially.

We are signing. We always did. Just, we do it in a way that Windows doesn't like. The "signed installers" discussion comes from this incompatibility. But, security-wise, we are already providing a detached GPG (or PGP) signature for all files. See


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