On 04/09/2016 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
Ideally, this would become a semi-scriptable recipe for preparing a
"standard" CentOS 5 VM for building OpenOffice releases, at least for
the 4.1.x series

The recipe has now been updated including some clarifications from Ariel at


and (the way it is now; I haven't checked https://bz.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=127120 yet) it uses only packages from CentOS and EPEL repositories, plus custom Ant and Perl as the versions shipping with CentOS 5 are too old.

With these fixes, I was able to build on CentOS 5 with the release build options.

A few resulting Linux-64 builds (English, German, Italian) are at


and it would be good if someone can test that they work. They already identify themselves as 4.1.3 since I used release options, but of course they are dev builds as the directory name implies.


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