First, congratulations to everyone on releasing 4.1.3. If this were a conventional, co-located project I'd like to take you all out for a drink after work.

Now back to work :-)

At this moment, I hope everyone remembers exactly what they did, what karma and tools they used, to make the release happen. I would like to get that written up now, before steps get forgotten. That way, future release managers will be not be as helpless and confused as I was.

I'm thinking of creating "How to cook a release" as a child page under, but given my inability to delete pages I would like to get opinions first.

My general idea is to keep it initially free-form. Just add what you did, and how you did it, before you forget anything. I can organize it later, or maybe a technical writer will organize it?

We can use the 4.1.4 release to verify and fix any omissions in the recipe.

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