Am 10/12/2016 11:49 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
First, congratulations to everyone on releasing 4.1.3. If this were a
conventional, co-located project I'd like to take you all out for a
drink after work.

Now back to work :-)

At this moment, I hope everyone remembers exactly what they did, what
karma and tools they used, to make the release happen. I would like to
get that written up now, before steps get forgotten. That way, future
release managers will be not be as helpless and confused as I was.

I'm thinking of creating "How to cook a release" as a child page under, but given
my inability to delete pages I would like to get opinions first.

JFDI ;-)

My general idea is to keep it initially free-form. Just add what you
did, and how you did it, before you forget anything. I can organize it
later, or maybe a technical writer will organize it?

Yes, no big formatting for the start. Just write down what you all did. Even the chronological and/or logical order can be done afterwards. The most important part are really the working steps itself.

We can use the 4.1.4 release to verify and fix any omissions in the recipe.

I think we have to. ;-)


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