Am 10/17/2016 05:30 PM, schrieb Matthias Seidel:
Answering myself... ;-)

The python-script on that page should be updated to include version
4.1.3. And I think it must be run manually for updated data.

I've tried this before the release and was surprised that it took hours for just a single week. So, it needs much time to update all the missing weeks.

We should split this task into parts, so that more people can process the script and get the numbers.

The problem with the graphs is that both are defined with a height of 150px.
That's OK for the daily downloads, but at 160.000.000 total downloads
the graph is cut off in a flat line.
(We now must be at about 200.000.000 total downloads)

Let's analyze this when we have the missing numbers.

(P.S.: Downloads on scourceforge are close to half a million for 4.1.3)

Sourgeforce told me now close to 700,000. :-)


Am 16.10.2016 um 23:34 schrieb Matthias Seidel:
Looking at the download counter on scourceforge :-), am I the only one
interested in an updated chart on: ?

BTW, I thing the graphic cuts off at 160.000.000...

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