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On 18-10-2016 01:29, Peter Kovacs wrote:
There is this Bug where people request to make it simpler to file a

I dont know. I find it intimidateing to file a bug at all.

Bugzilla is a technical tool designed by developers for developers.
The simple fact that you need to subscribe to bugzilla is the first obstacle to reporting a bug. As a long time bug reporter I consider that Bugzilla is NOT user friendly. It is possibly the most systematic tool available.

I am not aware of any bug tracker system that is user friendly... I think that it's not possible to be systematic, concise, accurate and friendly at the same time.

Should we close this?


What argument would you use to close it? NOT_AN_ISSUE is not true. It is definitely not OBSOLETE... Maybe WONT_FIX with the true argument that the community does not have the manpower to switch to another tool.

Or would we keep this as a link to maybe switch to Jira. (I personly
prefer Jira over Bugzilla. But I think it is a huge effort to switch
the tracker.)

Moving to a new tracker (even if it was more user friendly) only makes sense if there is a reasonable number of QA people triaging the reports and of developers actively fixing bugs.
Reporting a bug creates the obvious expectation that the bug will be fixed.
If the tool is friendlier/simpler it will get more bug reports but also more people with more expectations...

Just my 2 cents

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