On 19.10.2016 12:06, Pedro wrote:
Hi Peter, all

Bugzilla is a technical tool designed by developers for developers.
The simple fact that you need to subscribe to bugzilla is the first obstacle to reporting a bug. As a long time bug reporter I consider that Bugzilla is NOT user friendly. It is possibly the most systematic tool available.

I am not aware of any bug tracker system that is user friendly... I think that it's not possible to be systematic, concise, accurate and friendly at the same time.
Haha, sorry. Thats not my opinion. I am quite content with Bugzilla as it is.

What argument would you use to close it? NOT_AN_ISSUE is not true. It is definitely not OBSOLETE... Maybe WONT_FIX with the true argument that the community does not have the manpower to switch to another tool.
done. I did not waste a thought on this. For me Not An Issue is as true as wont fix. The result is the same. But I think it is also nit picking, and wont fix, might be more aceptable then not accepting the issue of someone else, i changed it.

I wanted to know in case if there is a change to Jira planned if we want this Issue to operate on. In my opinion a Bug tracker is Dev Space not user space. And even if when I try to give a user a satisfactory answer, I am fine if someone else gives a non satisfactory answers.
And most Answers we currently close tickets with are none user friendly.

In my opinion it would need a Community team instead of a QA team to translate User issues (from a Forum?) into Bug tracker Issues. But we dont have that ressources I think. We can only work through the Mess we have and see if we find stuff worth solving. Sorry for the rather negative picture. But I checked and we have 3000+ unconfirmed Issues. I will try to help here as much as I can. But I also want to develop something. And it is realy not easy if there is the thing you want to do in one corner and the thing that makes sense in the other corner. This is a bit frustrating Picture for me. :P

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