I'm trying to build on a Fedora 24 box and am running into an error I
haven't been
able to resolve. Any help is much appreciated.

When doing the ./configure step, I get this:

checking which VCLplugs shall be built... gtk
checking whether to enable GConf support... yes
checking for GCONF... yes
checking whether to enable GNOME VFS support... yes
checking for GNOMEVFS... yes
checking for GTK... no
configure: error: requirements to build the gtk-plugin not met. Use
--disable-gtk or install the missing packages

>From looking through the configure script, and some Googling, I get
the idea that it's looking for GTK+-2.0, but there are no packages
named like that in this version of Fedora.  I have the gtk2 and
gtk2-devel packages installed, but no joy.   Any ideas what causes
this, or how to fix it?


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