Jim Jagielski wrote:
My prep scripts are now on devtools/release-scripts.

Thanks, one things less to redo next time!

## 3. How is the source code obtained?
$ cd instsetoo_native/util
$ dmake aoo_srcrelease
% pwd
% dmake aoo_srcrelease
dmake:  makefile.mk:  line 26:  Error: -- Include file settings.mk, not found

I've just tested on my AOO414 build tree and it works: I get the zip, gz, bz2 and also the tar just in case.

Had you initialized your shell, same as when you build? (you run the OS-dependent shell script as suggested by configure).

All source packages so far were obtained on a Mac so it should definitely work on a Mac. It is an "ant" task. I have ant 1.9.2 on the machine where I tried, but any version of ant that passes ./configure should be OK.

I can of course provide the packages if needed, but my build tree has an extra patch compared to the current status of AOO414 so I would need to prepare them again tomorrow (European time).


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