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> On Aug 5, 2017, at 1:13 PM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> I see that
> does not contain many details on where/how to upload builds once we reach 
> (and it looks like we are almost there, thanks to everybody who helped!) the 
> Release Candidate stage.
> Here are some notes based on past experiences (feel free to copy them to the 
> wiki as needed):
> ## 1. Files and folders structure
> See for an example. Note in 
> particular that we have:
> source/ - more on this below
> binaries/ - they do include SDK, but they do NOT include kid
> You'll probably want to assemble a quick script to move things into the right 
> place. Then please copy it to 
> (I wrote a 
> similar script but can't find it right now).
> Note: we can't change the structure since our download pages assume it is 
> identical for any 4.1.x release.
> ## 2. Everything must come with hashes and signatures.
> All files need:
> - md5 hash as filename.md5
> - sha256 hash as filename.sha256
> - A detached signature as filename.asc see 
> for 
> details
> Who should make the signatures?
> - The Release Manager signs source
> - Other packages are signed by the person who provided them
> Again, script should be copied to devtools/.
> ## 3. How is the source code obtained?
> It is *NOT* obtained via SVN export as one could imagine. You get it in a 
> source tree by running:
> $ cd instsetoo_native/util
> $ dmake aoo_srcrelease
> I've modified it for 4.1.4 see 
> and also 
> so the output will not be 
> identical to 4.1.3 as some minor test files were not handled properly.
> We still get the three formats (ZIP, gz, bz2). This will probably change 
> after 4.1.x as discussed a long time ago, but for 4.1.4 we should still use 
> the three of them.
> ## 4. How are packages uploaded?
> It's going to be a huge SVN commit to the dev area. My experience from a 
> couple years ago:
> - The SVN server has good reliability but it is slow, much slower than I 
> expected.
> - First, assemble all the tree in one location. In my case, I had setup a 
> space on fast-connected server where people uploaded their builds. This is 
> the best option, otherwise people will have to wait for each other and do a 
> full checkout (slow and huge).
> - Then structure files/folders as above
> - Then do the SVN commit. Due to speed issues, I recommend to script this and 
> upload one language at a time - unless the SVN server speed has increased 
> dramatically, but still you need one minute to script it so it's worth doing. 
> In my case, the SVN server was reliable but the gigantic SVN commit took 
> something like 20 hours from a machine that had no bandwidth problems; script 
> it and be safe (even if I expect that speed is better now).
> Regards,
>  Andrea.
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