On 08/08/2017 Reizinger Zoltán wrote:
I as admin of Hungarian Forum deleted nearly all post in Hungarian
forum, during maintenance.
Can anybody restore the forum database to yesterday status?

Database backups for https://forum.openoffice.org/ are managed by Infra, since we use a shared cluster. CCing the Infra list. I assume we will coordinate through a JIRA ticket to restore the status of the database at the last backup we had when the incident happened (can you be more precise about date and time?), but at least Infra is informed that those backups must be kept.

An important note: if I recall correctly, we have several forum installations (one per language) sharing the same database. Please let's coordinate, since restoring the old database is not a solution (it would restore the Hungarian forum but also delete recent activity from all other forums). I think we will need to only filter tables with a certain prefix.


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