> On Aug 9, 2017, at 3:35 PM, Andrea Pescetti <pesce...@apache.org> wrote:
> On 08/08/2017 Reizinger Zoltán wrote:
>> I as admin of Hungarian Forum deleted nearly all post in Hungarian
>> forum, during maintenance.
>> Can anybody restore the forum database to yesterday status?
> Database backups for https://forum.openoffice.org/ are managed by Infra, 
> since we use a shared cluster. CCing the Infra list. I assume we will 
> coordinate through a JIRA ticket to restore the status of the database at the 
> last backup we had when the incident happened (can you be more precise about 
> date and time?), but at least Infra is informed that those backups must be 
> kept.
> An important note: if I recall correctly, we have several forum installations 
> (one per language) sharing the same database. Please let's coordinate, since 
> restoring the old database is not a solution (it would restore the Hungarian 
> forum but also delete recent activity from all other forums). I think we will 
> need to only filter tables with a certain prefix.

Infra would need to know exactly what point in time this occurred (UTC) and 
what objects would need to be restored. There is a forumooo_hu database which 
is the likely target for restoration. Please include those details in an infra 
Jira ticket.


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