Dave Fisher wrote:
I would like to know what Andrea and Matthias think since they have been 
working with the upgrade system.

This is just a bug. A bad bug, that teaches us that (let alone the source code) we should document not only the configure switches but also key details of the environment.

As for the resolution, I would follow our standard practices, nothing special:

1. We make sure the bug is fixed, and document in all detail what happened on https://bz.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=127568 - note that we are still at this stage at the moment, and we can't be sure whether this is a build-only issue (as it seems to be) or it requires code changes or at least Makefile changes.

2. We seriously test the new builds since it's clear that Mac is the most problematic platform, starting with the bug reported by Roberto for RC4, then the inability to save documents in the first attempt of RC5, then this dataloss issue in the released 4.1.4.

3. We simply release 4.1.5. There is nothing preventing us from doing so. It will take a couple weeks, maybe we will find another couple regressions and fix them in the meantime. For example (this is not a regression but a UX problem) we'll want to include the latest English dictionary. There's nothing wrong in making a new release one month after 4.1.4 rather than one year after it!

In terms of the update feed, we can keep on hold the update feeds for the 4.1.3 (and earlier) to 4.1.4 upgrade for Mac users; and once 4.1.5 is out, we will push the update as usual.


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