Am 07.02.2018 um 22:13 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
I would like to bring up 2 future issues we will have.
# Java : Soon Java 8 will run out of support. Do we need to "migrate" to 9 for 4.2.0?

# If so it would mean for windows that we need to migrate to 64 bit.

# The MSVC2008 will run out in April. We need to upgrade here too.

In what order would make it sense to tackle those Issues?

1) 64 transformation
2) upgrade from MSVC2008
3) upgrade code base to Java 9

if you really want to limit to these 3 topics only, than I would tackle it in the following order:

1. Upgrade from MSVC2008
This seems to be the easiest task (hopefully) as an updated build needs to be tested only.

2. Upgrade to Java 9
Even here I would expect an short list of todos due to the migration.

3. Win 64-bit porting
This is for sure a complete new experience. Also, I would accept a 4.2.0 release still with Win 32-bit. And a future release than with Win 64-bit.

A possible alternative could be the following:

1. Upgrade from MSVC2008

2. Upgrade to Java 9

3. Keep Windows 32-bit with Java 8

4. Windows 64-bit transformation + Java 9

My 2 ct.


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