Am 08.02.2018 um 21:14 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
According to ReactOS team MSVC 2010 still supports WinXP target.
I say we should keep the WinXP support up as long as the ReactOS team does not support WinNT5 binaries.

OK, when we can combine 1) a compatible and still supported MSVC and 2) it's still possible to use OpenOffice with WinXP, then sure let's do it.

It is a good and sound strategy, we would promote another OpenSource Project.

I think build additional legacy WinXP binary will not hurt us, and it

Ahm, I hope this is a typo. I don't want to have separate binaries just for WinXP and all newer Windows versions. ;-)

might be not so much more work. We could explain this if we are releasing 4.2.0 before ReactOS has made the transition. That would fit to our strategy in Total. We also do support AmigaOS and OS/2 warp inofficially. Maybe it would bring us sympathy from another

Inofficially means concrete: We can bring in fixes into SVN, so that others are able to build on other platforms like OS/2. But that is all as building and distribution is happening outside of the ASF.

Community if we promote their target.
Do you agree on the strategy or do you think it would cost us to much workload?

Like I wrote above, let's do it if we can have it for a cheap "price".

I have found 2 more Windows action Items I forgot about:

a) MSI installer

We have already a MSI installation. What exactly do you have in mind?

b) signed install binary.

Do you think these Items should be trackked too?
If so where should they be on our list?

Even when signing is complicated as at the moment we need to start at zero (analysis and development) it's the top priority as it would show a much better integration into modern Windows releases.

My 2 ct.


On 08.02.2018 07:35, Mechtilde wrote:

I would guess it.

If someone still have a Win-XP system can test if it also works on Win
XP. But Win XP is end of live for a long time.

User can use 4.1.5 as long as they use Win XP.

Kind regards

Am 08.02.2018 um 00:58 schrieb Pedro Lino:

Thats the points I am aware of. Are there more Windows specific points?
Does upgrade from MSVC2008 mean dropping support for Win XP? The recently released LO 6.0 32bit requires at least Windows 7...

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