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Project Expenditures
+As part of our work to move away from ASF-owned hardware to
+cloud-based services, we originally expected our team to migrate two
+VMs associated with Apache OpenOffice which handle their wiki and
+their forums. We placed a pause on that work, noting that these are
+project-specific VMs, whereas Infrastructure normally provisions *one*
+per project and expects the project to maintain (which includes
+migration when necessary). An explanation, background, and concern was
+raised to the VP Infrastructure and to the President about this topic,
+and the AOO VMs in particular.
+After some discussion was held, it appears there is a question that
+needs Board feedback:
+If the Board wants to allow additional spend for specific projects,
+specifically using Infrastructure costs beyond its budget, then what
+does the Board require to make such a decision?
+Historically, the Board has generally stated that projects and their
+communities should be self-sufficient and receive no additional
+Foundation funds to support them beyond their internal ability. If the
+Board maintains this policy, then the Infrastructure team will work
+with AOO to develop a transition plan for these VMs and their future
+maintenance by the PMC. Should the Board decide that it would like
+additional Infrastructure budget assigned to one or more specific
+projects, then it would seem a proposal, discussion, and decision
+process would be desired. It would be expected these costs would be
+called out during the budget process, as an opportunity cost against
+Infrastructure's normal operational budget.

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